Praying Medic

I have included this on the website, not only for the obvious reason of helping our fellow man, but because as a result of his prayers, my knee has fully recovered, and the cartilage regrown. 

I want others to experience this level of healing as well.

The praying medic (Dave Heyns) is a former atheist, and now a firm believer in Jesus Christ. He has a range of prayers that he does, covering both mental and physical human conditions, which work to heal people. All the people need to do is to listen, and receive the healing. He has a prayer specific to women, which I haven't listened to, but they say works.

 He doesn't need their, or your, faith, or lack of it, as it is Dave's faith that does the healing.


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1. Think of an event that causes you to feel a negative emotion. Identify the emotion you feel. Ask Jesus to take the emotion from you. Ask him to heal the wound in your soul. 2. Tell him you receive his healing. 3. Recall the same event and see if a negative emotion is present. If there is one, repeat the steps. Ask Jesus to take the emotion and heal the wound in your soul. 4. If you can't recall an event, ask Jesus to take the emotion you feel and heal the wound in your soul. Repeat as needed.

Praying Medic ( and Authority for Miracles, Healing and Deliverance How to release power and exercise authority for miracles, healing, and deliverance.