Nurturing future leaders by creating caring, safe, and responsible, clean environments for children, animals, and you!

We empower communities with innovative solutions that nurture economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social well-being.

Our Mission: To be honourable in all our actions.
Our Vision: To act lawfully, with compassion, creating safe and responsible environments for children, animals, and the community.

AfricaGuardian offers a groundbreaking circular economy model; even our maintenance plan is more than property maintenance; it's about stimulating local economies, promoting tradesmen's skills exchange, and enhancing food and security through recycling and composting.

Why choose Africaguardian?
  • Sustainable Property Maintenance: cost-effective upkeep and upgrades for your home, with materials +10% as the only additional expense.
  • Community Empowerment: Each subscription creates local jobs and teaches valuable skills to unemployed youth.
  • Environmental Impact: Significant reductions in pollution and waste through robust recycling and composting programs.
  • Education and Support: essential life skills, financial guidance, safety training, and more, to foster a self-reliant, knowledgeable community.

Join us to reduce pollution, crime, and domestic violence while stimulating local economies through innovative, community-oriented initiatives. Together, we can create a sustainable and prosperous future for everyone.

Let's build a better tomorrow, one community at a time.

Property, defined as movable or fixed; solid, liquid, or gas, is that which you own and are legally responsible for as a result of a transaction, gift, or in lieu of labour.

National Integrated Waste Management Act:
Prevents property from going to landfills by requiring the separation, at source and before municipal collection, of property from waste. Separate municipal collections and processing are, however, not required.

Property is broken down into three classes:

Dry property: recyclable packaging materials, community donations, and electrical discards.

Wet/Compostable property:
Your kitchen-generated property and garden-generated materials, which can be composted, are the natural growth of a protected asset.

Waste property: "the game-changer.".
Waste is defined as property that has no recoverable social, financial, or environmental value. (Not recycling, nor compost property!)

By law, waste must be disposed of in municipally provided, suitable containers, serviced by municipally appointed, waste-licensed contractors. Not us.

All of this is important because:
The constitution protects our right to own property, and if our property is being expropriated for public benefit purposes (e.g., municipal-driven, ratepayer-funded recycling programs destroying local work opportunities, and worse), compensation at a value as established in a court of law is mandated.
At municipal values of R20 000/ton, backdated to 2006 when their program began, our compensation is substantial.

As we tackle numerous nationally shared socio-economic and environmental challenges through locally focused, community-drivenmodular initiatives that reduce crime, create food security, educate, and stimulate the economy, our programmes, such as Mr. Recycle of 2001, continue to serve as Africa's empowerment models.

We present:
 the Golden Standard, the Guardian Module.
“Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders and Citizens with a Caring, Mutually Responsible, Moral Disposition” 

Our focus areas include:
 property and waste management, job creation, crime reduction, empowerment, mentorship, community upliftment, and innovative, sustainable urban farming practices.

Promoting responsible waste disposal, composting and recycling:
We hope to reduce pollution, divert property from landfills, and create job opportunities while stimulating the local economy and ensuring local food security.

Through skills training and mentorship:
 We intend to equip individuals with trade skills for employment as knowledgeable, valued assistants, and later as business owners.

We hope to mentor and integrate former non-violent offenders safely into our communities through vegetable gardening, thereby fostering reconnection, local business, and food security while innovatively reducing societal issues such as home, farm, business, and land invasions as well as violence

  Protect your peace, which includes your loved ones.
Simply put, we are providing holistic management for our communities.
Together, we can and have to.

Act with compassion and forethought to protect the planet and children. Create the opportunity for previously employable people and commercially unemployable people to work together, creating safe spaces for the youth to learn how to work with people, tools, and the environment, while building a great tomorrow for everyone. If small business owners are willing to mentor, we need to hear from you too.  Our apprentices will need to be placed, and you can do with the paid labour.

Are you ready to be part of something truly impactful?

1,200 jobs and about R4 million a month become available with the support of your community per module. These jobs include administration, project management, collection agents, handymen and garden services, students, and general workers. Join Us and Be Part of the Change: We're prioritising impact, innovation, and inclusivity every step of the way. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and be part of a team that's shaping tomorrow, we want to hear from you. Are you ready to make your mark? Apply today, and let's build a better community together! 🌱💼 #TransformOurCommunity #MakeADifference Send CV, photo and relevant information to

🌟 Join Us in Building a Better Future! 🌟

Tired of the Chaos in Society? Want to make a difference from the comfort of your home? Together, we can. JOBS@AFRICAGUARDIAN.ORG

Opportunity overview, and even a simple community participation movitation.

There is no other program so simple, so inexpensive and so effective currently operating in South Africa. This program has been established with the view to being a modular system to be rolled out in every possible community, creating social, financial and environmental wealth beyond imagining for all involved, simply by sharing the opportunities created by recognizing each other as humans, and removing our property from the waste stream for responsible, organized local utilization. If there are potential funders, investors or franchise buyers interested in the bigger picture, the Guardian management is open to partnerships and investments for 3 years at 15% per annum, to drive the program like wildfire through the African countries, and the sale of Franchises. This program is the Golden Standard of Community focused, home and garden insurance that will reduce crime, stimulate the economy and provide our inalienable rights which the corrupt and inept municipal employees have tried to steal from us, contrary to their oath to the Constitution of the mother country, South Africa.

Community benefits
  1. Property, service provider management, and quality control. 
  2. Protection of tradesman skills, provided by trusted and vetted locals, using the upkeep of our properties as the schools.
  3. Creation of socio-economic and environment-friendly jobs suitable for all citizens, both in and out of the formal economy and suburbs.
  4. Waste Stream Management: Removal of property from waste at source before municipal collection.
  5. Local Processing: Clean, bagged, mixed inorganics are collected and processed locally, as are organic materials.
  6. Urban Farming: Organically grown vegetables are grown locally and sold to members at half the market price.
  7. Environmental Credits: Creation of carbon tax and landfill airspace credits to fund community programmes.
  8. Educational Opportunities: School leavers can learn administration, work, and entrepreneurship skills.
  9. Safe Learning Environment: A secure and nurturing educational environment, free from controversial external influences.
  10. Profit share: profit from the sale of processed organic and inorganic materials, in whatever form, is shared via the community Guardian digital currency, of which every citizen in the community is a registered member. 
  11. Barter: No bank charges nor taxes are payable on any community-related digital transactions using Guardian tokens, which are not legally recognised tender that can be cashed out digitally to a bank account; bank charges apply. The translation from 1 ZAR to Guardian token is R1.20c, or 20%, which covers operational overheads. 
Now hiring
Join us in whichever way you feel comfortable as we drive 1200 jobs and R4 million a month into your community for every 3000 subscribers! 

Send your CV and, if applicable, a photo of the roadworthy vehicle to 
Register as a marketer, and inform your community that there is hope and a way forward if we stand together.

This is a program with global relevance that has two administrative centres: the head office and, at the local levels, 20 people, including supervised students. The salaries for the qualified admin serving your community are R15 000 a month!

Registered marketers and organisations earn R200 per subscription and R50 a month ongoing while client participates —each fully operating module will generate R150 000 a month for the marketers to share in. Without subscribers, there is no program.

The mentors, depending on their skills and whether they provide their own tools and transport, can earn R10,000, R20,000, or even R25,000 a month.

The profit from the processing of 330 tons of diverted organic and inorganic materials is shared with the participating community members, reducing the subscription impact.

Collection agents with their own vehicles can earn up to R1000 a day! Drivers can earn R400, students and others can earn R250, etc.

The more money flowing locally, the better for everyone, and especially the children.

Together, we can fix our community by using a different kind of thinking than the one that keeps it broken.
Gold Standard
The Africa Guardian Program offers a comprehensive, community-focused, nationally relevant, modular approach to community-oriented household insurance, setting a Golden Standard in the industry and life in general. 

At R3,500 for the elite, Golden Standard service, or only R1,500 for the standard, this monthly subscription program covers not just land and building maintenance, but also extends its benefits to the community and environment. 
It is truly the "best globally, at this time, in its field."

Key Features of the Africa Guardian Programme:
  1. Holistic Coverage: Provides a better standard of living for all within the wider community.
  2. Environment-Friendly Job Creation: Generates jobs outside of residential suburbs, helping to reduce crime, domestic violence, and pollution.
  3. Economic stimulation boosts the economy from the grassroots level, ensuring that money circulates back into the community, benefiting everyone. Especially the children!
  4. Cost-effective freedom: After having been a subscriber for at least a month, you will be able to benefit from any service our team can provide, at only the additional cost of materials and 10%. 
  5. Profit from the sale of recovered inorganic property bought from self-employed sorters at market rates before compaction, is shared, less 25%, amongst property donors.
By focusing on both individual needs and community well-being, the Africa Guardian Programme aims to create a safer, cleaner, and more economically stable environment for all. 


  • When only the best will suffice, choose the Gold Standard!
  • Receive preferential treatment for your tangible, voluntary commitment to the principles of empowerment through skill exchange and for recognising the inherent value each individual brings to specific contexts.
  • A Gold Standard plaque can be proudly displayed outside your property, signalling your commitment to your community and service excellence.
  • Each week, manpower is at your disposal for two hours to achieve optimal results in minimal time. This equates to five motivated, supervised individuals for thirty minutes.
  • At the beginning of every month, simply provide us with a list of tasks that are important to you, and we will do our best to oblige.
  • To align with your schedule and minimise disruption, the following services are provided within the same timeframe:
  • Garden maintenance, including weeding, lawn mowing, and gutter cleaning.
  • Collection of recyclables, kitchen, and garden compost.
  • Complimentary weekly delivery of seasonal vegetables and plants grown by Guardian, as available.
  • Our Handyman team is available during standard working hours and typically responds within three hours of your call. Additional costs include the verifiable cost of materials plus a 10% surcharge for any irregular or unusual property-related service our teams provide.
  • Annual increase of 10%
  • Our operating hours are from 8am to 5 p.m.; anything outside of those hours you will have to liaise directly with your handyman for. There are no call-out fees payable during normal working hours.

Recycling collections - dry property

Recycle with ease - dry property collections. Recyclable materials; Community Donations and Electrical Discards, having easily recoverable and measurable social, financial and environmental values, are technically classed as "Dry Property." It is now illegal to dump dry property, mixed with compostable or waste materials, in the wheelie bin. Ignorance of the Law is no defence!

Composting, and collections

Composting and waste collection. Reduce your waste and help the environment! It is now illegal to dump compostable materials mixed with dry property and/or waste property in the wheelie bin. Ignorance of the Law is no defence.

Grow your own - my urban farm table gardens using proven SFG systems

Grow organic veggies anytime, anywhere with SFG table gardens! Although the tables are limited to 1.2 x 1.4m, squares of 1.2 x 1.2m and/or 900 x 900mm raised beds and furrows/pits are also options we can provide, at a cost.

Protecting the Right of all to safe, clean and livable, development-capable, financially strong economy based on the right to own property, Guardians reduce socio-economic and environmental crime through environment-friendly, community-driven, participant-funded, working empowerment programs.

"From Vision to Action: Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Africa"


  • This is a last resort, where we are forced to dig out the 1.2m long, 1.2m wide x 20cm deep bed so as to ensure food security on site and cannot use the easier and quicker, more expensive raised beds.
  • Reasons for this include theft of building materials, specifically at schools and related organisations.
  • We quote per job, and only showed the cost per bed to tease you.
  • The weed barrier is securely in place before the pre-mixed compost, potting and top soil is spread. Biochar is option that we would encourage in the mixture, for long term benefits. Fortunately, the sides of the weed barrier will stand up preventing grass from easily growing into the bed.
  • The beds can be charged with magneto and electro-culture at an extra cost, if desired and viable.

Local food security - Electroculture

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Local food security - principles of Squarefoot gardening

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Community empowerment - we all work together

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We are working from the following guidelines

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Classes of separation required for participation

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The National Integrated Waste Management Act is fantastic, because:

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Biochar, the secret to the Amazon forest

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Electroculture, with results and instructions

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Solar cookers - freedom to eat

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The Guardian program as a diagram

The Guardian program as a diagram

Brief overview of the program, adaptable to most communities. Together, we can protect the Constitution, and therewith our Right to Human Dignity, and to property ownership, the backbone of our economy without which, we fail as a country.

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The Guardian program, as a read.

The Guardian program, as a read.

This is a summary of the modular program which we will roll out per each Guardian community of 5000 members.

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Threat: Climate Change

Threat: Climate Change

Climate change-associated extreme weather events are affecting livelihoods, economies, and the environment, in turn exacerbating existing vulnerabilities in the region.

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Solar indoor light bottle

Solar indoor light bottle

Installing a light which, in the full sun, can provide up to 55 lumens of free light inside the home, or tool shed.

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Organic firewood - protecting the trees, and life.

Organic firewood - protecting the trees, and life.

Biomass briquettes, mostly made of green waste and other organic materials, are commonly used for electricity generation, heat, and cooking fuel. These compressed compounds contain various organic materials, including municipal solid waste, (your property) and agricultural waste.

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Big picture thoughts

Big picture thoughts

Survivalist-motivated home, farm and business invasions increase municipal income streams of property rates and sales of electricity; hurt our families and pets, and damages our property while destroying our economy and reducing VAT income generation opportunities, which the government needs to keep the lights on (if that was the intention) Are these points below actually our responsibility, or does our community-focused, inclusive, and stimulatory point of view, where "no one is left behind," require that we accept this responsibility? You just know the municipalities are killing jobs everywhere they can.

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Praying Medic

Praying Medic

The Praying Medic is a way of receiving healing without going to a doctor which, if you have been paying attention to the world around you, is the last thing you should be doing. All you need do is to listen, relax and receive the healing.

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Earthworms, and earthworm tea, are an important part of our green gardens. Through Vermiculture, we grow our own earthworms, and harness their powers in a bucket system, or grow to add to our soils. Benefits are many.

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Water pasteurization with Solar

Water pasteurization with Solar

Clean, safe drinking water is essential. The government systems are failing, but you can't fail your family.

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Rocket Stove

Rocket Stove

Cooking with fire

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Recyclable materials

Recyclable materials

Examples of recyclable materials include: Paper and cardboard: newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, etc. Glass: bottles and jars of all colours Metals: aluminium cans, steel cans, aluminium foil, etc. Plastics: bottles, containers, bags, etc. Electronics: computers, televisions, cell phones, etc.

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Landfill Airspace Credits

Landfill Airspace Credits

Landfill Airspace is created by emptying the 240L wheelie bin before weekly collection, and a part of the municipal savings used to expand participation in the program by funding relevant community programs.

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Carbon Tax Credits

Carbon Tax Credits

Carbon Tax Credits become available locally, for local benefit at discounted rates to benefit local companies that trade overseas.

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Laws pertaining to the Planet Guardian Program

Laws pertaining to the Planet Guardian Program

The Guardian program has relevance to the following organisations, Constitution, laws and by-laws.

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Planet Guardian Vision

Planet Guardian Vision

Guardians do what we do. Thanks to us, the world is a better, brighter and cleaner place.

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You should be involved, because

You should be involved, because

Guardians seem to have covered most people's motivations. If you can think of others that would trigger the movement off the couch and into the Guardian world, please share. Together, we can provide the world the good children deserve.

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Journey to Forever Small farms Library

Journey to Forever Small farms Library

This is the link to an online library, and a wealth of knowledge of the Old ways, that puts us back in the planetary safe-seat. Be wise, look after our planet and our soils, and live well.

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The Journey to Forever project

The Journey to Forever project

The ultimate resource for the work we need to do today, every day, of reclaiming the world for our children to live in, not only to survive.

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School projects, from Journey to Forever

School projects, from Journey to Forever

Comprehensive list of school projects, and easy to use programs.

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Educational resources for teachers, students and parents

Educational resources for teachers, students and parents

Links to reach, and research, working solutions to many challenges previously overcome, and returned through inept government policies.

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