You should be involved, because

Motivation for the involvement of the majority of humanity, organizations, churches and businesses in the modular, “Be a Hero, Planet Guardian” grassroots-level, environment-friendly empowerment program can easily be found, and includes: 

Jobless people as self-employed, recognised Guardians working in safe, supervised and weatherproof facilities adjacent to challenged communities, receiving in addition to a daily meal, a daily thank-you payment for helping us to save the planet, and also payment at market-related prices for the materials they have sorted to be recycled. Community donations and electrical discards are shared with the community. No more wheelie bins raiding, so the town stays clean, neat and organised.

Animal lovers participate in support of innovatively funded animal welfare programs. 

Relative Education will be funded, some by the relevant government departments unable to reach the commercially unemployable people through traditional channels, and education will include how to grow using the SFG gardening program; how to cook and desiccate using Solar power instead of Eskom, etc. 

Those that believe that either competitive or cooperative thinking, or simply being healthy, is the answer to life in 2023, will join us to fund school sports and related programs, including outreaches. 

Those that simply want to drive on decent, clearly marked local roads with decent visibility will participate, as will those that can see the bigger, environmental and social picture. 

Guardian-approved and certified, subscribed businesses market through the website, and offer fellow Members discounts ensuring local recognition for their support of the local economy which is ultimately based on local investment, grassroots level empowerment, local food security and spending. 

For the fence-sitters, the 99th monkey syndrome will also, eventually, result in active support. According to the Municipal Systems Act, a basic service ensures an acceptable and reasonable quality of life concerning water, sewage, refuse removal, roads and storm water control, electricity, housing and firefighting. 

Planet Guardians will help the Municipalities stick to their operative, funded responsibilities meaning that Municipalities too can at last return to their Ratepayer-funded, constitutionally-limited and ringfenced mandates, being the use of Ratepayer's money in a responsible and non-racial manner to “stimulate the local economy” through the provision of basic services which, to the benefit of all, allows for lawful and sustainable business to take place.