Gold Standard
The Africa Guardian Program offers a comprehensive, community-focused, nationally relevant, modular approach to community-oriented household insurance, setting a Golden Standard in the industry and life in general. 

At R3,500 for the elite, Golden Standard service, or only R1,500 for the standard, this monthly subscription program covers not just land and building maintenance, but also extends its benefits to the community and environment. 
It is truly the "best globally, at this time, in its field."

Key Features of the Africa Guardian Programme:
  1. Holistic Coverage: Provides a better standard of living for all within the wider community.
  2. Environment-Friendly Job Creation: Generates jobs outside of residential suburbs, helping to reduce crime, domestic violence, and pollution.
  3. Economic stimulation boosts the economy from the grassroots level, ensuring that money circulates back into the community, benefiting everyone. Especially the children!
  4. Cost-effective freedom: After having been a subscriber for at least a month, you will be able to benefit from any service our team can provide, at only the additional cost of materials and 10%. 
  5. Profit from the sale of recovered inorganic property bought from self-employed sorters at market rates before compaction, is shared, less 25%, amongst property donors.
By focusing on both individual needs and community well-being, the Africa Guardian Programme aims to create a safer, cleaner, and more economically stable environment for all.