Community benefits
  1. Property, service provider management, and quality control. 
  2. Protection of tradesman skills, provided by trusted and vetted locals, using the upkeep of our properties as the schools.
  3. Creation of socio-economic and environment-friendly jobs suitable for all citizens, both in and out of the formal economy and suburbs.
  4. Waste Stream Management: Removal of property from waste at source before municipal collection.
  5. Local Processing: Clean, bagged, mixed inorganics are collected and processed locally, as are organic materials.
  6. Urban Farming: Organically grown vegetables are grown locally and sold to members at half the market price.
  7. Environmental Credits: Creation of carbon tax and landfill airspace credits to fund community programmes.
  8. Educational Opportunities: School leavers can learn administration, work, and entrepreneurship skills.
  9. Safe Learning Environment: A secure and nurturing educational environment, free from controversial external influences.
  10. Profit share: profit from the sale of processed organic and inorganic materials, in whatever form, is shared via the community Guardian digital currency, of which every citizen in the community is a registered member. 
  11. Barter: No bank charges nor taxes are payable on any community-related digital transactions using Guardian tokens, which are not legally recognised tender that can be cashed out digitally to a bank account; bank charges apply. The translation from 1 ZAR to Guardian token is R1.20c, or 20%, which covers operational overheads.