• When only the best will suffice, choose the Gold Standard!
  • Receive preferential treatment for your tangible, voluntary commitment to the principles of empowerment through skill exchange and for recognising the inherent value each individual brings to specific contexts.
  • A Gold Standard plaque can be proudly displayed outside your property, signalling your commitment to your community and service excellence.
  • Each week, manpower is at your disposal for two hours to achieve optimal results in minimal time. This equates to five motivated, supervised individuals for thirty minutes.
  • At the beginning of every month, simply provide us with a list of tasks that are important to you, and we will do our best to oblige.
  • To align with your schedule and minimise disruption, the following services are provided within the same timeframe:
  • Garden maintenance, including weeding, lawn mowing, and gutter cleaning.
  • Collection of recyclables, kitchen, and garden compost.
  • Complimentary weekly delivery of seasonal vegetables and plants grown by Guardian, as available.
  • Our Handyman team is available during standard working hours and typically responds within three hours of your call. Additional costs include the verifiable cost of materials plus a 10% surcharge for any irregular or unusual property-related service our teams provide.
  • Annual increase of 10%
  • Our operating hours are from 8am to 5 p.m.; anything outside of those hours you will have to liaise directly with your handyman for. There are no call-out fees payable during normal working hours.