The Journey to Forever project

In memoriam: Keith Addison. (I cant find information about his partner,

Journey to Forever was an overland expedition through Asia and Africa to Cape Town, South Africa. They reported on environmental conditions along the way, and worked with local groups on community projects, networking as they came down.

It was organised by Handmade Projects, a small international non-profit organisation that also runs a small organic research farm and appropriate technology development centre, and operates this website.

What they achieved, is the greatest functional resource of information/living experience that we can tap into, and heal our land by protecting and feeding our people.

The aim is to help people fight poverty and hunger, in this richest-ever world where there's more food than there's ever been before – more food per capita than most people could eat – and to give individuals everywhere the means to opt out of the vicious global economic system that rules our planet and is destroying it. The focus is on appropriate technology, sustainable energy, sustainable farming, family nutrition and local self-reliance.

Think globally act locally


The site has more than a thousand web pages. But it's easy to find your way. Wherever you are at the site, one click on the Journey to Forever logo at the top-left corner and at the end of each page will take you straight back here to the Home page.

It's colour-coded: the navigation bar is a different colour for each section, and there's a second navigation table at the bottom of the page.

As you go to a new section, such as Composting, or Appropriate Technology, the topics in the navigation bar open out to show a list of sub-topics and what they contain, covering the subject thoroughly.

These are how-to's, "information you can use", with resources pages pointing you to further information. 

Much of the information has been scrubbed from the links, and with the meltdown of civilization, monetized. However, using the APP, can still find the information online, and then share it. Enjoy beating the system!