Local level results

The Guardian programme will have the following results:

The Guardian programme will result in the establishment and/or expansion of:

1. local recycling and composting collections, thereby keeping the value of the resources local.

2. Facilities where recycling, composting, and the manufacture of solar-powered cookers, desiccators, and water purifiers can take place in safe, secure, and supervised facilities adjacent to challenged communities where mass job creation and empowerment can occur.

3. A local, cost-effective nursery supplying the needed, locally relevant compost, Super Soils, plants, herbs, and veggies, as well as solar cookers, desiccators, water purifiers, and grow boxes, which could be virtually indestructible fibreglass at table height for adults or wood at knee height for children.

4. Gardening and expanding knowledge in schools in geographically appropriate spaces.

5. Cook’s kitchens, where people will be able to learn how to cook using solar, wood replacement stoves and pellets, and electricity.

6. Knowledge with regards to the principles of Squarefoot gardening: electroculture, magneto-culture, and pyramidology, popular in France in the 1800s before fertilizers and applicable on small and large scales.

7. Each community will have 5 gardening teams and 2 maintenance teams operating "at cost" to maintain the homes and gardens of the elderly and woman-headed households in the community, including for purposes of local food security and barter. This is to be a practical "school," returning community spirit and respect, where willing youth are taught to "farm", and be assistants to local handymen and, ultimately, hopefully, to establish their own related businesses.

Marketing will then reflect this honourable energy exchange in the form of certificates, badges, and bumper stickers. Businesses will be encouraged to offer fellow Guardians discounts in exchange for free advertising through our locally focused website and frameable certificates.

The Guardian Nursery will donate or raffle vegetables, garden grow boxes, plants, seeds, activated compost, solar cookers, and courses among the registered Guardians.

Win-win for all, forever.