Community empowerment - we all work together

The Africa Guardian program works in alignment with existing services.

The Africa Guardian program is one of empowerment, education, and creating mutually beneficial, growing relationships which will result in the return of the community spirit to the Valley, where human dignity is protected, and acknowledged as a human right.

Our program will provide personal and business growth opportunities in the following categories:
Collections; material processing; education and administration; urban farming, nursery and composting; urban farm grow box and table as well as solar cooker manufacture and sales; the mixing of compost and soils and the delivery of same, as well as sales of whatever we can grow, make or design.

Where possible, the collections are outsourced to locals with suitable, roadworthy vehicles. This ensures the streets are cleared of all property donations as quickly as possible, and that as much of the benefit accruing to the community is re-invested as quickly as possible.

The sorted recyclable materials are bought directly from the self-employed sorters working in safe, supervised, and weatherproof facilities adjacent to their particular challenged community by the local service providers, in the Elgin Valley case, TWK Recyclers.

The skills training and mentorship programs will be provided by those reputable organisations that have that inclination, and want to be a part of the future of our Valley.

Administration of the program, especially marketing, logistics, and oversite, is done by local service providers and trusted individuals, paid on commission as well as a basic salary.