Why we believe we can fix what has been broken

Why join the Africa Guardian program?

Fixing the country, starting here.

"Privately applying the National Integrated Waste Management Act can have several positive impacts. 

It protects our property rights, promotes local sustainable crime fighting by enforcing separation at source, reduces our national Carbon Impact, and saves municipalities millions in waste-related costs. 

By doing so, we can provide our children with a safe, clean, and liveable environment that aligns with the constitutional guarantee of a development-capable environment for all South African citizens."

  • Municipalities receive funding through property upgrades impacted by crime, which contributes to their income from property rates and electricity sales.
  • While the Arms Deal is a matter of concern, it has not directly resulted in the loss of innocent lives.
  • The lack of job opportunities, which could be created through the National Integrated Waste Management Act, is causing daily suffering and negative consequences.
  • Emphasizing socio-economic and environmentally friendly job creation can help address both unemployment and crime while promoting effective waste management practices.

It's important to clarify that the funding of municipalities typically comes from a variety of sources, including taxes, fees, grants, and other revenue streams. While crime can have indirect economic implications for municipalities, it is not a direct funding source.

However, your point about reducing crime through socio-economic and environmentally friendly job creation is valid.

Socio-economic factors, such as poverty, unemployment, and limited opportunities, can contribute to higher crime rates in communities. By creating job opportunities, promoting economic growth, and addressing social challenges, municipalities can contribute to crime prevention and improve overall community well-being.

Programs like the Africa Guardian program, which focuses on socio-economic development and environmentally friendly job creation, can play a role in addressing these issues. Such initiatives can provide employment opportunities, skills training, and support for local businesses, thereby improving socio-economic conditions and reducing the motivation for criminal activities.

Furthermore, promoting environmentally friendly practices and sustainable development can have positive impacts on the community and the environment. This includes initiatives like renewable energy projects, waste management programs, conservation efforts, and promoting green technologies.

By incorporating these approaches into job creation programs, municipalities can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future while addressing socio-economic challenges.

It is crucial for municipalities to adopt a holistic approach, considering both economic and social factors, to effectively address crime and promote sustainable development.

By investing in initiatives that prioritize job creation, community development, and environmental stewardship, municipalities can work towards enhancing the well-being of their communities and fostering a safer, more prosperous future.