Recycling Made Simple: Join Us in Creating a Sustainable Future

Dry Property Collection and Recycling Program

"Our innovative dry property collection program provides a convenient and efficient way to recycle packaging, community donations, and electrical discards. 

Instead of using traditional bins or receptacles, residents and businesses bag their dry recyclables together and place them on top of flattened cardboard for collection. On designated collection days, our team collects the dry property and delivers it to safe, supervised, and weatherproof facilities located near disadvantaged communities. 

There, self-employed sorters carefully separate and sort the materials, creating valuable resources for recycling. Local service providers then purchase these recycled materials from the sorters, creating a sustainable and inclusive circular economy. 

By participating in our program, you contribute to waste reduction, job creation, and community empowerment."

Here's how our recycling program works:

  1. Rinse and prepare: Start by rinsing out suitable containers to remove contaminants, especially food waste that can attract rats and cause unpleasant odours. By ensuring cleanliness, we create a safer environment for the individuals manually sorting through recyclable items.
  2. Sort and Separate: Identify the dry property that is recyclable, including community donations, electrical discards, and locally recyclable packaging. Remember, we focus on local recycling efforts to support our country's development. Remove plastic lids to compress and save space, and flatten cardboard to maximize efficiency.
  3. Collection Day: On the designated day and time for your suburb, place your donated property outside for collection. This timing ensures that our collection efforts are coordinated and efficient. By participating in the program, you contribute to local job creation and help combat crime.
  4. Local Job Creation: The recyclable materials collected are sold to local service providers at market rates, creating sustainable job opportunities for self-employed sorters. Your participation directly supports these individuals and stimulates the local economy.
  5. Crime-Fighting Impact: By supporting local job creation and providing alternative income opportunities, our program contributes to reducing opportunistic and survivalist-motivated home, farm, and business invasions. Together, we can create safer communities and combat crime at its roots.

Join us in creating a sustainable future by participating in our recycling program. 

By simply rinsing and preparing your recyclable items, you can make a positive impact on the environment and support local job creation efforts.

Together, let's make recycling a part of our daily lives and create a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable community.