Solar indoor light bottle

The use of a Solar Indoor Light Plastic Bottle filled with a mixture of bleach and water as a lighting solution for poor people in third world countries is a low-cost and simple solution aimed at providing basic indoor lighting in areas with limited or no access to electricity. This solution is often used by people living in poverty who cannot afford more expensive lighting options. 

The principle behind this project is that the mixture of water and bleach amplifies the light generated by the sun, allowing it to shine through the plastic bottle and provide a source of illumination indoors. 

However, this solution has some limitations and potential hazards. For example, bleach is a toxic and caustic chemical that can cause harm to humans and animals if not handled properly. In addition, this solution provides limited and inconsistent lighting and is not a suitable long-term solution for indoor lighting needs. 

Alternative solutions such as solar-powered LED lights or battery-powered lights, although more expensive initially, are designed specifically for indoor use, provide a more consistent and safe source of light, and may be a better investment in the long run. for more about the Philippines light program. Lighting up your tool shed environmentally responsibly.