Reasons to join
Subscription-driven, this program is dedicated to empowering communities by building a sustainable future for individuals to become active, positive members of the community.

As we plan to tackle numerous national socio-economic and environmental challenges through locally focused, community-driven initiatives that reduce crime, create food security, and stimulate the economy, we anticipate that our programs will serve as models across Africa.

Join us today and create the future for our children that our parents envisioned for us.

Our focus areas include waste management, job creation, crime reduction, empowerment, mentorship, community upliftment, and innovative, sustainable urban farming practices.

By promoting responsible waste disposal and recycling, we hope to reduce pollution, divert property from landfills, and create job opportunities while stimulating the local economy and ensuring local food security, which includes locally made solar-powered box cookers.

Through skills training and mentorship, we intend to equip individuals with trade skills for employment as knowledgeable assistants and later as business owners.

We hope to mentor and integrate former non-violent offenders safely into our communities through vegetable gardening, thereby fostering reconnection, local business, and food security while reducing societal issues such as home, farm, business, and land invasions, too.